ADHD: A Guide to Understanding and Managing ADHD (Hardcover)

ADHD: A Guide to Understanding and Managing ADHD By Amanda Allan Cover Image

ADHD: A Guide to Understanding and Managing ADHD (Hardcover)


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ADHD: A Guide to Understanding and Managing ADHD

Unlock the Mystery of ADHD today with this Comprehensive Guide

Does your mind feel like it's always on the move, hopping from one thought to another like a lightning-fast pinball? Do you find it challenging to stay focused, or perhaps someone close to you is wrestling with these symptoms? If so, this is the book for you

"ADHD: A Guide to Understanding and Managing ADHD" unveils the many facets of ADHD that often go unnoticed. Discover how this condition can manifest differently in each individual, influencing their attention span, impulsivity, and level of activity.

This guide will take you through the intricate process of diagnosing ADHD, explaining the various criteria that medical professionals use to identify this condition. Don't let lack of knowledge keep you in the dark. Illuminate your understanding with this comprehensive explanation of ADHD and its intricacies.

Moreover, this guide doesn't stop at understanding ADHD; it empowers you to take control. Explore the array of treatment options at your disposal, including medications, behavioral therapies, and lifestyle modifications. This book equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about ADHD management strategies, setting you or your loved ones on the path towards improved focus, better impulse control, and a balanced lifestyle.

Product Details ISBN: 9781960748300
ISBN-10: 1960748300
Publisher: Rivercat Books LLC
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 76
Language: English