The Kosmic Web: Our spiritual and evolutionary place in the multiverse (Hardcover)

The Kosmic Web: Our spiritual and evolutionary place in the multiverse By Peter Calvert, Keith Hill Cover Image

The Kosmic Web: Our spiritual and evolutionary place in the multiverse (Hardcover)


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We live in the midst of a vast universe. Currently, our sciences enable us to perceive less than 5% of it. The rest is designated dark energy and dark matter. This means 95% of the universe effectively remains a mystery.

In "The Kosmic Web" human beings who have completed their cycles of incarnation offer intriguing insights into the mystery of all existence. Drawing on the ideas and vocabulary of current scientific and evolutionary thinking, they present fascinating yet often challenging observations on how the spiritual, biological, energetic, material and metaphysical aspects of reality interlace to form and sustain the extended kosmos.

Ideas explored include:

  • The origin of our universe as part of a multiverse
  • The multiverse as an experiment in evolving consciousness
  • The interlaced energetic layers that underpin all that exists
  • The origins and developmental nature of human identity
  • The ways spiritual identities co-associate with biological species
  • The purpose and process of reincarnation
  • The aura's developmental and communicative functions
  • The concept of spiritual space and humanity's place in it
  • The ultimate intention and meaning of human existence

For those seeking to understand the what, how and why of their lives, "The Kosmic Web" provides thrilling new concepts for understanding humanity's position in the multi-layered web of life.

From the book]: "What if you could access trans-human explanations of reality? Human beings need to break free of the constant flow of their everyday impressions, feelings and thoughts in order to perceive what lies beyond the everyday, whereas we, as non-embodied identities, automatically have an overview of human existence that extends far beyond what any human can perceive.

In asserting this, we make no claim for God-like knowledge. We are just another form of spiritual identity, the same type as you but at a different phase of our growth cycle. Our role is currently that of informant and guide. In this book we focus on two specific aspects of pertinent information. These are the nature of reality, and the source and purpose of human identity."

Product Details ISBN: 9781991157027
ISBN-10: 1991157029
Publisher: Attar Books
Publication Date: February 1st, 2023
Pages: 170
Language: English