Blender Cookbook: 60 Blender Cocktails Recipes For Body Cleanse & Detox, Energy, Vitality & Rapid Weight Loss (Paperback)

Blender Cookbook: 60 Blender Cocktails Recipes For Body Cleanse & Detox, Energy, Vitality & Rapid Weight Loss By Juliana Baltimoore Cover Image

Blender Cookbook: 60 Blender Cocktails Recipes For Body Cleanse & Detox, Energy, Vitality & Rapid Weight Loss (Paperback)


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Blender Cookbook: 60 Blender Cocktails Recipes For Body Cleanse & Detox, Energy, Vitality & Rapid Weight Loss...Why Juice Fasting & Smoothies for Weight Loss Works? Here is the thing. Know about the know the specific ingredients that will help you meet your the body's and mind's nutritional needs. The trick here is to choose those ingredients that do not promote fat building up inside of your body. You know yourself and by applying common sense that fad diets as a solution to weight loss is not a solution at all. Diet trends never last over a long period of time and it is just a matter of time to see people who still believe in these diets go from one diet to the next one. This is a sad vicious circle which will never end. The healthier and more realistic alternative to this sad scenario is more of a lifestyle than a diet and it is called fast juicing + the smoothie diet lifestyle. What is great about drinking juices and smoothies is the fact that it is the perfect weight loss solution for females and males. It is the perfect lifestyle for working moms, busy people, people who are on the go, travellers, workaholics, lazy people, young and old. It is perfect for people who are looking for a quick and easy solution that is healthy, delicious and quick and easy to fix. The juicing and smoothie lifestyle is perfect for today's busy people because it does not take lots of time out of the day. Guess what 5 effortless minutes is all it is going to take you. So what do you need to get started? All you really need to get started with this exciting juicing & smoothie lifestyle is an instructional juicing and smoothie book that provides you with the recipes that you need to consume in order to get started, some kitchen supplies like a blender and a juicer (a high quality & high speed stand alone kitchen aid like the Breville juicer and the nutribullet work best), a glass of fresh source water, your favorite cutting knives, and a cutting board is all you really need. To get you started with these powerful and beneficial blender recipes and juice fasting recipes right now here is what you will find inside: * Easy & Quick To Make Smoothie & Juicing Recipes For Effortless & Long Term Weight Loss Results * Clean Green, Vegetable & Fruit Pound Dropping Smoothie & Juicing Recipes * Cleansing Juicing Recipes & Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss * Juice Fasting Detox Recipes & Smoothie Detox Recipes For Weight Loss You will also get Simple, easy & scrumptious recipes for: * Low-carb Smoothies & Juices That Will Help You Drop The Pounds And Keep Them Off Your Body * Powerful Immune System Booster Blender Recipes That Maximize Your Results * Fast Juicing & Powerful Smoothie Diet Recipes For Body Detoxification & Healing Of course a light Workout or body-building program is recommended in combination with this Juice Fasting & Smoothie Diet lifestyle so that you will maximize all the health and weight loss benefits that come out of it. This book compiles the most scrumptious and health beneficial juicing a smoothie recipes for weight loss in one single compilation. Apart from simply providing you with a collection of recipes, you will also receive interesting facts and information about how to maximize your lifestyle with respecting the simple but effective rules of juice fasting and a smoothie diet. You will learn about some amazingly interesting knowledge about juicing cleanse and juicing detox that will boost your body and brain and maximize your health and well being. You will experience yourself that this is not going to be a traditional fad diet that does not work, but a total body and brain transformation with the pound dropping results. You will see how this transformation will also relate to all the other aspects of your life as a powerful side effect. Take on this lifestyle challenge and make juicing and smoothies part of your daily routine...

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Publication Date: July 31st, 2018
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