The Acidity Mastery Bible: Your Blueprint for Complete Acidity Management (Paperback)

The Acidity Mastery Bible: Your Blueprint for Complete Acidity Management By Ankita Kashyap, Prof Krishna N. Sharma Cover Image

The Acidity Mastery Bible: Your Blueprint for Complete Acidity Management (Paperback)


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Unlock the secrets to optimal digestive health with "The Acidity Mastery Bible: Your Blueprint for Complete Acidity Management." This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey through the intricate world of acidity, covering everything from understanding the basics to implementing effective lifestyle changes. Delve into the science behind acidity, exploring the gastric balancing act and the delicate acid-base homeostasis. Learn about the prevalence, risk factors, and common myths surrounding acidity, empowering yourself with knowledge to make informed choices.

Discover dietary interventions that play a pivotal role in acidity control, from identifying acidic foods to exploring the truth behind the alkaline diet. Navigate meal planning with insights into balancing meals for optimal pH and incorporating superfoods for stomach health. Uncover the crucial connections between hydration, meal timing, and frequency, and gain practical tips for dining out while managing acidity.

Explore lifestyle modifications that contribute to acidity relief, including the importance of regular exercise, stress management, quality sleep, and weight maintenance. Understand the impact of smoking and alcohol on acidity, and learn to create an acidity-friendly environment with mindfulness practices for gastric wellness.

Navigate the medical management of acidity, from over-the-counter solutions to prescription medications. Get insights into the role of antacids, H2 blockers, and proton pump inhibitors, along with when to consider surgery for acidity. Stay updated on emerging treatments and research, and explore alternative and complementary therapies such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, homeopathy, and yoga postures for gastric balance.

Embrace mind-body techniques for inner equilibrium and discover the power of massage therapy. The Acidity Mastery Bible is your go-to resource for holistic acidity management, blending scientific insights with practical tips to help you achieve digestive wellness.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223176671
Publisher: Virtued Press
Publication Date: December 20th, 2023
Pages: 122
Language: English