How to Treat and Prevent Asthma (Paperback)

How to Treat and Prevent Asthma By Russell M. Gregory Cover Image

How to Treat and Prevent Asthma (Paperback)


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Are you asthmatic? Then your hope is not lost, as this great book got you covered A common lung disorder called asthma can occasionally make breathing difficult.
All ages are affected, and while it frequently begins in childhood, it can also emerge in adults.

Even a mild asthma attack has the potential to turn deadly very fast.
The muscles around the airways constrict during an attack as a result of edema and inflammation.
It is incredibly challenging to breathe properly because the body also produces excessive mucus, which prevents air from passing through the bronchial tubes.

You will be guided on how to treat and avoid this dangerous condition using home and medical remedies with the help of this wonderful book.
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Product Details ISBN: 9798358172890
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 14th, 2022
Pages: 64
Language: English