World's Wonder Panini Recipes: The Perfect Panini Dishes (Paperback)

World's Wonder Panini Recipes: The Perfect Panini Dishes By Megan Foster Cover Image

World's Wonder Panini Recipes: The Perfect Panini Dishes (Paperback)


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What is Panini?

I conducted a survey a while ago, and I found out that some folks mostly mistake panini for sandwich

So, before I even go ahead to introduce this Panini recipe book to you, allow me to first and foremost, intimate you on the differences between the panini and sandwich.

Sandwich is what you get when you have two slices of any type of bread, mostly soft bread. And in between those slices of bread, you place cheese, meat and any other fillings that you are experimenting with

Sandwiches are mostly eaten as breakfast and it is made with any kind of bread obtainable. Not to forget to mention that sandwiches are soggy and don't gun for Crunchiness.

On the other hand, paninis are made from Italian breads that can take so much heat such as Ciabatta or focaccia. Paninis also involve the inserting of certain Italian fillings into the bread, such as sauces and seasonings.

Asides from the bread type and perhaps the fillings, another feature that differentiates both meals is the maker used for them. For heating, Panini is with the panini maker (press) while sandwich is either toasted or made with a sandwich maker.

Finally, where sandwich might enjoy being soggy, paninis can't afford to be soggy No one would want it soggy It is best enjoyed in its crunchy state.

Now that you have learnt that paninis are in no ways sandwich, let's take it a step further by learning different ways that we can prepare paninis.

In this recipe book, you would find different panini recipes that would blow your mind

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