Heal: How To Deal With And Rise Above Sad Experiences (Paperback)

Heal: How To Deal With And Rise Above Sad Experiences By Pat Uche Nwulu Cover Image

Heal: How To Deal With And Rise Above Sad Experiences (Paperback)


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Many people pass away every day as a result of suppressing their feelings and reality, simply because they believe there is nothing that can be done to change the situation. This book is an effective tool to aid in the healing of those whose hearts and souls have been imprisoned and held captive by the pain and memories of their past traumas and experiences, which can include physical and/or sexual abuse, hatred, sibling rivalry, the loss of loved ones, body shaming, depression, etc.

The first thing you need to realize is that mourning is normal when a devastating loss or life-changing event rocks your world. Grief is merely love in its most ferocious and agonizing manifestation; it is a normal and healthy reaction to loss. So why do people in our culture treat sadness and loss as diseases that need to be treated as soon as possible?
Pat presents a radical new perspective on both the grieving process and the ways in which we assist those who have experienced tragedy in HEAL. She writes with great clarity on the unsaid facts of loss, love, and recovery because she has experienced grief from both perspectives-as a therapist and as a woman who made an attempt on her life at some point. She disproves the culturally imposed objective of getting back to a regular, "happy" existence and proposes a much healthier alternative that invites us to create a life alongside grief rather than attempting to get rid of it. This heartfelt and fascinating book will teach you:
  • Why counseling and spiritual guidance, despite their best intentions, can make grieving individuals feel worse
  • How debunking the illusions surrounding sorrow enables us to accept it as a mystery to be cherished rather than a problem to be solved by doing away with stages, deadlines, and inaccurate expectations about how it should develop.
  • Practical advice for reducing anxiety, enhancing sleep, and reducing stress without attempting to "cure" your discomfort
  • How to Support and Comfort Others Through the Grieving Process
  • How to handle sibling conflict, sexual assault, and other unpleasant occurrences

Do you or someone you know suffer from prior trauma and hurt, such as depression, inferiority complex, abuse, rejection, un-forgiveness, self-pity, body-shaming, hatred, etc.? Do you want to get healed? Keep an open mind while you read this book. Never omit a step. Allow God to heal you and return you to your true self by allowing this book to flow through your heart and spirit. Let go of your troubles and adhere to every instruction in this book. This book will support you as you recover.

This book is about our daily experiences; how we get emotionally involved in family, social life, business relationships and even family problems; and how to deal with and rise above the odds of life. This book will help open your mind to the reality of healing and show you how to grow through and completely heal from hurt, pain, heartbreak, guilt and any negative situation.
Product Details ISBN: 9798366242165
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 30th, 2022
Pages: 188
Language: English