Low Key Fallin' For a Cold Hearted Thug (Paperback)

Low Key Fallin' For a Cold Hearted Thug By Londyn Lenz Cover Image

Low Key Fallin' For a Cold Hearted Thug (Paperback)


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The Hill brothers were born into a legacy of boxers. Their dad, Creek Hill, was a champ but didn't appreciate his gift. So, he made sure his three sons didn't do the same.

River Hill is the oldest and the most serene of his brothers. He's always been rough around the edges, so naturally in the ring he excels. When the alluring Winnie waltzes into his life she makes his life more beautiful than it already is.

Ocean Hill is the middle brother and just as good in the ring as River. At twenty-three Ocean's life turned in a different direction when he met Myra. With young love comes reckless irresponsible actions. Six months later Ocean is a single dad to a baby girl named Sailor. He's protective of her and extremely selective when it comes to who he allows around her. However, when Ocean meets Six, she has such an impact on hin that he finds himself bending the rules a little.

Wave Hill is the baby of the three but physically he doesn't look like it. He's the high tempered, hot headed of the bunch. Wave's relationship with his dad has made him resent him since he was a little boy. With a temper as not as his, Wave would've landed in jail or hurt behind his reckless actions. Ultimately, he used that rage on his opponents in the ring. Wave is mean, closed off to love, and shallow beyond a doubt. That is, until Doyran comes along. She does a number on Wave with no effort.

Winnie Hart is as sweet as they come. Her soft nature matches her pure heart. Winnie is the girl who doesn't know how beautiful she is. It's hard for her to see through the verbal and sometimes mental abuse from her mother and her younger sisters. Since her dad walked out their lives, Winnie has felt alone. Until she meets her three best friends .

Six Ellis has a doughty, neo-soul spirit. Her friends are her peace & safe haven. Although put together on the outside, Six has secrets she keeps hidden. But like the saying goes... three may keep a secret but only if two of them are dead.

Doryan Torres is the definition of loving the skin you're in. Being plus size in a shallow world doesn't stop her from living her life happy, confident. Although she has men wrapped around her finger, Doryan longs for love but settling isn't in her vocabulary.

The Hill brothers are used to strapping up their gloves and getting in the ring. But life will throw blows at them that even they can't dodge.
Product Details ISBN: 9798370045943
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 16th, 2022
Pages: 316
Language: English