Empowering Young Men: A Guide to Achieving Success and Fulfillment (Paperback)

Empowering Young Men: A Guide to Achieving Success and Fulfillment By Keith H. Simmons, Keith Simmons Cover Image

Empowering Young Men: A Guide to Achieving Success and Fulfillment (Paperback)


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EMPOWERING YOUNG MEN: A GUIDE TO ACHIEVING SUCCESS AND FULFILLMENT gives parents and other loving caregivers, the tools they need to help guide young men through life. From ages 7 through about 25, young men can use all the help they can get from responsible and reliable adults. When an adult isn't available, this book provides the young man with something to read that contains stories they might relate to, and advice they can understand. Missing from this book will be the nonsense pushed by those who believe the parents aren't important or that government bureaucrats know what's best for our children.
This book is different from others. For instance, when a young man tries to "negotiate" with a bully by saying, they don't want to fight, what does the bully think about that? After the fight, the bully might be punished, and the victim, definitely humiliated and possibly in pain, is punished, too Heaven help the victim if they dared to defend themselves. This book advises that the failed negotiation tactics be replaced with, shall we say, more traditional ways of dealing with bullies and their cohorts.
Have you ever wondered what actor Vin Diesel considers to be the qualities of a gentleman?
Ever wonder what finance guru Dave Ramsey means by the Snowball Effect? Read on.
It's unfortunate that parenthood doesn't come with a user's manual, but we sincerely hope our unique advice and more-traditional guidance will help save some parent: time, reduce their frustration, and minimize any heartache.
Don't be lulled into believing that just because a home appears to be loving and perfect, that a despondent and lost child won't still make the horrific mistake of ending their own life or mistakenly believe that the hungriest child in a war-torn country, cannot go on to live a wonderful life. Because, both situations can and do happen, and the fate of the children usually rests with the influence others have on the life of a young man. It does not matter if your home situation is idyllic, tranquil, peaceful, or lost in abject poverty, dealing with rampant crime, and chaotic beyond belief, this book gives any reader in any situation a chance to help improve the life of their young man.
No matter who you are, whether you're an: experienced parent, a single-parent, grandparent, caregiver, foster parent, guidance counselor, teacher, police officer, social worker, mentor, coach, religious leader or spiritual advisor, medical or mental health professional, non-profit organization or community group leader, family friend or neighbor, older sibling or cousin, military recruiter or veteran, career counselor or job coach, financial planner or investment advisor, legal advisor or attorney - this book should help some young man, somewhere, be a better person and enjoy life, even more. In whatever capacity they serve, everyone can help guide young men to become - better gentlemen.
You might also notice this book tends to offer conservative advice and avoids radical liberal philosophies, and that's good, because that was our intention. If you find the opinions expressed in this book abrasive, wrong, or harmful, or at odds with your beliefs, then discard it, and we wish you well.
We hope you enjoy the mini-stories with home-spun, everyday expressions, to help the reader understand concepts and ideas, instead of dry, technical wording, that helps you nod off to sleep. We hope this book helps some young man avoid life's pitfalls, by learning from our mistakes and missteps. Like a favorite, memorable teacher, who inspires students to be the best they can be, we also hope this book helps a family, and their young man - succeed - and enjoy God's blessing of life.
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Product Details ISBN: 9798374145762
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 18th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English