Basic Yoga Guide: Different Styles of Yoga for All Ages (Paperback)

Basic Yoga Guide: Different Styles of Yoga for All Ages By Jesse Simonds Cover Image

Basic Yoga Guide: Different Styles of Yoga for All Ages (Paperback)


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Are You Tired of Being Tired? Do You Feel Cut Off From the World Around You?
Whether your goals are to (1) gain muscle and flexibility If you want to learn how to (2) Easily do this with the Best Yoga Positions of All Time to (1) Relieve Pain and Prevent Injury or (2) Reduce Stress and Become Happier, then keep reading

View Stunning Images of the Top Yoga Positions
Pictures and clear instructions help you learn the correct yoga postures in this straightforward guide. Yoga's ultimate goal is to improve your overall health and happiness. Yoga is a popular kind of exercise because it is a good way to be in shape and since everyone can do it.

Discover the Treasures Your Body Has to Offer
Practicing yoga can unleash your infinite potential for good health. Bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments can all benefit from the strength training that yoga provides. This is fantastic for maintaining a sense of vitality and health as you get older.
Yoga has several health benefits, including protecting the heart, strengthening the spine, maintaining a healthy weight, increasing circulation, decreasing pain, bolstering the immune system, delaying the effects of aging, increasing balance and energy, and more. Your sex life may even benefit from yoga.
Want to feel better emotionally, get rid of depression and anxiety, focus better, remember more, and boost your confidence? You can do a yoga pose to help you with that Multiple, to be exact. Can you still enjoy life or are there things you can't do because of an injury? Not to worry. Most yoga positions can be modified to work around injuries or other health concerns. This book tells you where those barriers aren't, so you can help keep yourself safe.

Where Will Your Yoga Education Take You?
  • Gorgeous Images of All the Key Yoga Positions
  • Directions That Are Easy To Follow
  • The Proper Way to Get Warmed Up
  • Tips for Developing Your Ideal Yoga Practice
  • Positions to Promote Localized Healing
What Else Will You Pick Up?
  • The Benefits of Yoga on Appreciation and Consciousness of the Body
  • Methods for Establishing an Optimal Training Setting
  • Which Yoga Postures Are Ideal for Each Body Part?
  • Excellent Breathing Methods that Benefit Your Well-Being
  • A Compendium of the Top One Hundred Yoga Asanas
Get This Book Right Away and Invite the Healing Power of Yoga Into Your Life
Product Details ISBN: 9798393608347
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 8th, 2023
Pages: 108
Language: English