What's Your Vibe? (Paperback)

What's Your Vibe? By Kat Majik Cover Image

What's Your Vibe? (Paperback)


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What's love at first sight without a little crisis of sexual identity?

Milo Lamoree is livin' the glamorous life of a sex shop sales rep, forever explaining to grown adults what they should and should not be sticking inside of themselves and/or others. He's not doing any sticking himself-his demisexuality hasn't exactly enticed any "hot young singles in your area." But considering his clientele's whackadoo misconceptions about anatomy, etc., it's not like Milo has the leftover energy to fall in love, anyway.

...Well, too bad.

Stevie Hart has heard it said that being bisexual means you have more options, meanwhile she has experienced that not at all. Her love life is all unsolicited-ahem-pics (you know the ones) and straight couples looking for an experimental third. No thanks. When you're already managing your own debilitating agoraphobia, who has time to deal with whatever's going on with those people? Falling in love isn't worth the mess.

...Until it is.

Along with their meddling mutual friends, Possibly The Worst Ex In The World, and a totally bangin' soundtrack, Stevie and Milo hit every major identity crisis (sexual, spiritual, existential, you get it) on their way to finding each other-and themselves.

(And if they happen to also find the best title of an adult film while they're at it? That's just the rainbow sprinkles on top.)

Inspired by the author's time working at an adult boutique, this slice-of-life romantic comedy contains explicit language, frank discussion of sex toy maintenance/operation and similar topics, and only slightly fictionalized customer stories-because you really can't make this stuff up.

Product Details ISBN: 9798399277400
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English