Toxic Waste: A 'No Contact' Primer for Kids (Paperback)

Toxic Waste: A 'No Contact' Primer for Kids By Peter Gullerud Cover Image

Toxic Waste: A 'No Contact' Primer for Kids (Paperback)


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COPING WITH SELF ABSORBED AND DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES for KIDSBeing raised a 'PK' in a church encouraging martyr/doormat-type 'turn the other cheek' behaviors and after working on quite a few Disney films teaching children the "bad guy" will always show up, easy to spot, dressed in a black cloak and will obviously plummet to his timely death thanks to the perfect "goodness" from all the well-meaning "good guy" "friends", I decided, perhaps, some kids, at least, deserved a series of more realistic childrens books that take on the subject of dysfunctional parenting and even poorly focused academics from our trusted tribes, guides and leaders. Often these self absorbed and immature adults are the only influential force children are exposed to, from the cultivating years 1-7 experts know is the most important period for healthy psychological formation. Then, at that adolescent stage of puberty when a child finally learns the difference between being an empty accepting vessel and becoming an individual, the young adult is too often subjected to unfair shame and pressure to not embrace that individuation.

The child has no choice but to be at their mercies.

Yes, the effects of toxic narcissism can begin at home and carry on throughout the school years and even into later career life. Toxic people enter our lives unannounced with no warning labels. We need warning labels. Signs. Hints. Awareness.

"Toxic Waste" will be a series of books that educate children and young adults about such dangerous people and how to navigate around, with and away from them. Eventually the encouragement to go "no contact" with such people is a given but until one is an adult, that luxury cannot be achieved in most cases.

Thus, this series is here to help educate and encourage the trusting and innocent, still at home, still in the system that is not always a good one. Childhood abandonment is child abuse and takes on many subtle covert and grossly overt costumes and in too many cases, the child only figures this fact out too much later in life. To paraphrase Nina Simone, 'if love isn't served, it is time to leave the table'.

I hope these books which will look unflinching at the random, bizarre and often clandestine behaviors of poor parents, clergy and teachers via self absorbed and selfish mindsets and recurrent ignorant traditions, might help our youth in ways that could hopefully short circuit much of the harm these adults and family bullies knowingly or unknowingly perpetrate.

This is the first in a series on healthy, bolstering supports for children with sensitive and empathic hearts. They will give
kids a reason to protect themselves while remaining true to the love we need not let go of while gaining our independent strengths and talents.- Peter Gullerud
Product Details ISBN: 9798505225141
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 16th, 2021
Pages: 48
Language: English