Drip With Sauce: The Ultimate Guide to building a Lean and Functional Wardrobe for a Unique Casual Style (Paperback)

Drip With Sauce: The Ultimate Guide to building a Lean and Functional Wardrobe for a Unique Casual Style By Dawn Peters Cover Image

Drip With Sauce: The Ultimate Guide to building a Lean and Functional Wardrobe for a Unique Casual Style (Paperback)


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Dressing isn't only about what you wear. It is an extension of your ambition, personality, confidence, taste, etc.

Apart from the compliments you'd receive from dressing well, it affects your psychology positively or negatively (depending on how you dress.)

It's called enclothed cognition.

The way you dress affects the way you see yourself.

How do you feel when your cloth gets stained or torn in public? You'd feel bad, right?

In contrast, how would you feel when you walk into a room and noticing you're the best-dressed? You'd make sure everyone catches a glance, right?

Most people know how to dress well for special events or functions, but they're averagely dressed when there's no special event.

If you're averagely dressed, you'll feel average. Hence, there's a need to look sharp every time to feel your best every time.

We are casually dressed most times, but only a few men pay attention to their casual appearance.

Here's what dressing well always does for you:

1. Dressing well will increase your confidence.

Dressing well increases your confidence because people hold you in high regard. It means that expectations from you will be high, and you'll naturally try to live up to that expectation.

2. Dressing well increases your opportunities for success.

Scientific research has proven that attractive people are more likely to receive help from strangers than unattractive people. If people are willing to help you or do business with you because you dress well, you'll increase your chance of becoming successful in life.

3. Dressing well increases your attractiveness.

Scientific research has proven that it isn't your height, or skin color, or any other anatomical feature that determines your attractiveness. Your appearance determines your attractiveness. If you want to become a more attractive man, then you can achieve this by dressing better.

This book is the ultimate guide you need to select clothing pieces to build a wardrobe with fewer clothes that pair well with each other.

Here's what you'll learn from this book:

  • The power of appearance in nature.
  • How to systematically build your wardrobe (even with a tight budget.)
  • How to choose clothing that will make you stand out with your dressing. Learn how to choose shirts, shoes, trousers, accessories, etc., that work well together (with pictures.)
  • 4 myths of dressing well. The wrong beliefs about dressing well will hinder your progress from improving your appearance. The correct beliefs about your dressing will enable you to take the right action towards improving your wardrobe.
  • 6 principles of good style. You'll learn the 6 principles of style that will dramatically improve your dressing.
  • The importance of dressing well. It's essential to know why you must dress well. If you don't think your appearance matters, you won't try to improve it.
  • The importance of grooming.
  • How to build a lean wardrobe. You don't need to buy a boutique to dress better. You'll learn how to buy clothes that pair well with each other. You can have few pieces of clothes that pair well, and when you interchange them, it'll seem like you have thousands of clothes.

When you improve your dressing, you'll earn the respect of people; your confidence will increase, and you'll easily attract female attention. Imagine you walk into a room, and you instantly draw attention to yourself because you stand out with your appearance. How would that make you feel?

Good Right?

Get this book now to see a dramatic improvement in your appearance, confidence, and success.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 29th, 2021
Pages: 132
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