40 Color-Coded Easy-to-Play Songs for 8 Note Bell Set: Elementary level (Volume 2) (Paperback)

40 Color-Coded Easy-to-Play Songs for 8 Note Bell Set: Elementary level (Volume 2) By Helen Winter Cover Image

40 Color-Coded Easy-to-Play Songs for 8 Note Bell Set: Elementary level (Volume 2) (Paperback)


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We present the easiest songs in the first volume and here, in the second, you will find slightly more advanced songs.

You, your kids, or your students will have the opportunity to jump right into the music immediately. Music bells create an amazing sound and there is no need to worry about being in tune or finger position. It's a great instrument for beginners of any age.

The unique advantage of bell sets is the fact that each note is created by an individual bell, so the notes that are not used in a particular song can be removed and the student has a greater chance for success. A handbell orchestra acts as one instrument, with each musician responsible for their particular notes, sounding their assigned bells whenever those notes appear in the music.

Give each participant one or two bells and ask them to join in a simple melody. Independently, whether the player has musical knowledge or not, the band will sound harmoniously with just a little bit of training. Most solfeggio teachers advise that it's better to begin not with a piano, but with a simpler and more accessible instrument.

However, like other "serious" musical instruments, bells can help in
1) teaching note duration,
2) understanding different pitches,
3) recognizing different musical scales, and
4) the acquisition of a sense of rhythm and melody.

If you are a beginner, playing by note can be difficult. It is easier to follow color-coded circles with note letters. Just by following the color circles, you will sound like an experienced musician.

All songs were written with circles in the musical staff, and there are no stems or flags - only notes on the line - to keep it simple. This book was written with beginners in mind.

Our color chromatic scale corresponds to the chakra system. Each chakra is said to vibrate at a different frequency and is associated with a particular color and particular music note.

The color of the bells or resonator blocks must be the same as the color of the bells below.
C (Do) - red,
D (Re) - orange,
E (Mi) - yellow,
F (Fa) - green,
G (Sol) - light blue,
A (La) - blue,
B (Ti) - violet,
C8 (Do) - white

List of Songs

A Hunting We Will Go
A Sailor Went to Sea
Amazing Grace
Bim Bum Biddy
Bobby Shafto
Cobbler, Mend My Shoe
Cock-a-Doodle Doo
Cotton Eyed Joe
Ding Dong DiggiDiggiDong
Doctor Foster
Five Little Monkeys
Here Come a Blue Bird
Here We Go Looby Loo
Humpty Dumpty
I Love Little Kitty
Lavender's Blue
Li'l Liza Jane
Little Jack Horner
Long-legged Sailor
Ninety-Nine Bottles
Oh Susannah
Old Blue
Old Mother Hubbard
One, Two, Three, Four
Pat a Cake
Peace Like a River
Ring Around the Rosie
See-Saw Margery Daw
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
The Bee and the Pup
The Big Sheep
The Mulberry Bush
Tinga Layo
To Market, To Market
Wishy Washy Wee.
Yankee Doodle.
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