The Telltale of Ollie the Owl's Nighttime Nook (Paperback)

The Telltale of Ollie the Owl's Nighttime Nook By Wise Whimsy Cover Image

The Telltale of Ollie the Owl's Nighttime Nook (Paperback)


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Are you ready to embark on an enchanting adventure into the world of business with Ollie the Owl? "The Telltale of Ollie the Owl's Nighttime Nook" is the perfect book to ignite your child's imagination and inspire their entrepreneurial spirit

Join Ollie, a clever and ambitious owl, as he takes a leap of faith and opens his very own bookstore. In this whimsical tale, Ollie's charming narration will have your young readers giggling and eagerly turning the pages. But it's not just laughs they'll find within the colorful illustrations - there are valuable lessons about business, adaptability, and innovation woven into every line.

As Ollie learns the ins and outs of running a business, children aged 5 to 8 will be subtly introduced to fundamental concepts like inventory management and understanding customer preferences. But the excitement truly takes flight when Ollie faces the challenges of a changing market, with the rise of electronic books threatening his traditional bookstore. Will Ollie adapt or be left behind?

Get ready for a dazzling twist as Ollie unveils his ingenious solution - storytelling nights Blending the magic of classic books with the allure of engaging storytelling, Ollie not only revives his business but also teaches kids the power of innovation and adaptability. This mischievous owl will capture your child's heart while instilling crucial life lessons.

"The Telltale of Ollie the Owl's Nighttime Nook" is a treasure trove of laughter, learning, and inspiration. With five captivating chapters, your child will eagerly follow Ollie's journey, all while absorbing invaluable business lessons. This delightful addition to "The Business Telltale Of Your Favorite Animal Characters" series will keep your child entertained, educated, and begging for more

Don't miss out on this captivating tale that combines imagination, mischief, and the ever-relevant world of business. Grab your copy now and watch as your child's curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit take flight alongside Ollie the Owl

Product Details ISBN: 9798869169105
Publisher: Young Minds Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 22
Language: English