The Telltale of Freddie the Fox's Forest Exchange (Paperback)

The Telltale of Freddie the Fox's Forest Exchange By Wise Whimsy Cover Image

The Telltale of Freddie the Fox's Forest Exchange (Paperback)


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Introducing "The Telltale of Freddie the Fox's Forest Exchange," a captivating children's book that will ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in your young reader

Join Freddie the Fox on an exciting adventure through the heart of the forest as he sets up his groundbreaking business venture, Freddie's Forest Exchange. With his astute mind and clever business sense, Freddie is determined to create a more effective and fair system for the animals to trade their goods and services.

In this witty and engaging tale, Freddie takes the reins as the narrator and invites young readers to join him on his mischievous yet educational day. Through a series of captivating chapters, children will be enthralled as they navigate the complexities of Freddie's forest exchange alongside our cunning protagonist.

As Freddie encounters various challenges along the way, children will learn the true value of goods and services and the art of negotiation. They'll discover that not all trades are created equal and that understanding the needs of others is the key to a successful exchange. Through Freddie's journey, children will witness firsthand the importance of trust and reciprocity in any transaction.

But this delightful story isn't just filled with laughter and clever business insights. It also imparts a valuable lesson on the significance of honesty and trust in all aspects of life, whether it's in the forest or the human world. With Freddie as their guide, young readers aged 5 to 8 will gain a fundamental understanding of the basics of bartering, the value of goods and services, and the importance of trust in all kinds of exchanges.

"The Telltale of Freddie the Fox's Forest Exchange" is more than just a children's book; it's a journey of discovery and an opportunity for your child to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. Inspire their curiosity and ignite their passion for business with Freddie's adventures today

Product Details ISBN: 9798869169334
Publisher: Young Minds Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 22
Language: English