The Telltale of Sammy the Squirrel's Nutty Investments (Paperback)

The Telltale of Sammy the Squirrel's Nutty Investments By Wise Whimsy Cover Image

The Telltale of Sammy the Squirrel's Nutty Investments (Paperback)


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Calling all young adventurers and budding investors Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with Sammy the Squirrel in "The Telltale of Sammy the Squirrel's Nutty Investments." This captivating children's book is not your ordinary tale; it's a thrilling and educational adventure that will have kids hooked from the very first page

Follow Sammy, a spirited squirrel with a passion for nuts and an insatiable curiosity about the world of investing. Narrated by Sammy himself, this delightful story takes readers on a whirlwind adventure filled with laughter, wisdom, and practical lessons.

As Sammy sets out to grow his modest stash of nuts, he dives headfirst into the captivating world of nut trading. Along the way, he encounters a lively cast of woodland characters, each ready to offer advice and opportunities. From the risk-loving rabbit to the wise old owl investor, Sammy's journey is packed with excitement and valuable insights.

Through his thrilling escapades, Sammy learns essential lessons about the fundamentals of investing, the importance of calculated risks, and the value of diversification. As the nut market fluctuates, Sammy discovers the power of informed decision-making and the dangers of putting all his nuts in one basket.

But don't worry, this book isn't just about finance and investing It's a laughter-filled adventure that will keep children entertained while subtly introducing them to important concepts of finance. With witty dialogues, humorous situations, and engaging storytelling, "The Telltale of Sammy the Squirrel's Nutty Investments" is sure to captivate young readers aged 5 to 8.

So, why wait? Join Sammy on his quest for nutty success and embark on an educational journey that combines laughter with learning. This book is the perfect addition to any young reader's collection, offering a treasure trove of entertainment and valuable life lessons. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to invest in your child's education and imagination. Grab your copy of "The Telltale of Sammy the Squirrel's Nutty Investments" today and ignite their passion for adventure and financial literacy

Product Details ISBN: 9798869170170
Publisher: Young Minds Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 26
Language: English