The Telltale of Benny the Bear's Honey Hoopla (Hardcover)

The Telltale of Benny the Bear's Honey Hoopla By Wise Whimsy Cover Image

The Telltale of Benny the Bear's Honey Hoopla (Hardcover)


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Get ready for a honey-filled adventure like no other in "The Telltale of Benny the Bear's Honey Hoopla" Join Benny, a charming bear with an insatiable love for honey, as he takes young readers on a journey of financial literacy and life lessons.

In this witty and engaging chapter-based story, Benny's honey obsession leads him to start his very own honey bank. As the narrator of his own tale, Benny humorously guides children through his escapades in saving, lending, and the intriguing world of interest.

But just when things seem to be going smoothly, Benny faces a honey shortage crisis that tests his trust, responsibility, and resource management skills. Through this exciting turn of events, young readers will learn valuable lessons about the importance of trust, responsibility, and making wise decisions with limited resources.

"The Telltale of Benny the Bear's Honey Hoopla" cleverly introduces the basics of banking and financial responsibility in a fun and relatable way. Children aged 5 to 8 will be captivated by Benny's mischievous day and will discover not only money matters but also the significance of trust and responsibility in their everyday lives.

Filled with delightful illustrations and a lovable bear protagonist, this children's book is a must-have for any young reader's collection. Parents and educators alike will appreciate the valuable life lessons seamlessly woven into the story's vibrant pages.

Don't miss out on the chance to embark on this honey-filled adventure with Benny the Bear. Grab your copy of "The Telltale of Benny the Bear's Honey Hoopla" today and watch as your child's financial literacy blossoms while they enjoy every page of this captivating and educational tale.

Product Details ISBN: 9798869170255
Publisher: Young Minds Publishing
Publication Date: February 5th, 2024
Pages: 28
Language: English