Lil' Baby Cuffed A Street King (Paperback)

Lil' Baby Cuffed A Street King By Tnesha Sims Cover Image

Lil' Baby Cuffed A Street King (Paperback)


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LoVonna Lewis is a smart, beautiful, humble, and fierce young woman who will soon be off to college. Her parents do everything to set her up for success in her future. While she's enjoying life and doing everything she's supposed to, her ex-boyfriend, Musiq, tries his hardest to sing his way back into her life. It would be easy if someone else didn't have their eyes on her. Once this stranger comes into her life, it is hard for Musiq to get LoVonna back. LoVonna, being who she is, stays clear of all the guys that seem to mean her no good. That is until someone she has never thought about being in a relationship with, captured her attention. Will she move on with this new man or give in to the lyrics Musiq is spitting?

Larisa Suave is LoVonna's best friend. They go off to college together and explore the world as young adults. Larisa isn't your average around the way girl. Her mouth is slick, and her attitude can be just like a nigga's. It's hard for any guy to get close to her because she's so hard. That doesn't take away from her beauty. When a street thug comes at her, she doesn't hesitate to shut him down, but he stops at nothing to get what he wants and break down the wall she has up.

LaVondrius Truman aka Trigga is doing a four-year bid in prison and only has two years left. His right-hand man has been holding the streets down while he's away. Trigga is the king of the Los Angeles streets. He has more money than he knows what to do with. His girlfriend of two years left for Georgia right after he got sentenced. She left with no goodbyes, leaving Trigga with a bitter taste in his mouth. Once Trigga finally gets released, someone captures his eye, and he will stop at nothing until he gets her. Only his father, who is a street legend, disapproves of the woman, making it harder for Trigga to be with her. Will Trigga go against his father for a woman he's only known for a short amount of time, or will he let the girl know it's best if they go their separate ways?

Darcel Martin aka Diggy has been holding the streets down while his best friend/brother is away doing a four-year bid. Although Diggy is well respected in the streets, he has his share of problems he deals with. There is one person he has been keeping his eye on because something just doesn't seem right. Once his boy Trigga touches down and makes it home to pick up where things left off, Darcel puts him on game about what's going on, but Trigga feels it's nothing to worry about. Will Darcel's warning come off as hate because Trigga is back and Diggy wants to continue being the man in the streets, or will Trigga believe his boy and take care of what is needed?

Elijah Stokes aka E and Neen Summers have been together for over ten years. E is the only one that Neen has ever been with. When E shows Neen another side of him, she starts to wonder if there is someone else out there for her.
The truth must come out. The lies in the streets will surface, exposing hidden secrets. With power comes greed, and with love comes hates. Family will always stick together, but when betrayal is relevant, sometimes family is broken apart. Take this journey with this crew in Lil' Baby Cuffed a Street King.
Product Details ISBN: 9798869617347
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 23rd, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English