Secret 099 - Goddess Perfume (Large Print / Paperback)

Secret 099 - Goddess Perfume By Maurllan Cover Image

Secret 099 - Goddess Perfume (Large Print / Paperback)


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Martee is ghosted for a date. Banelle is crying in her dish soap. They shouldn't have anything to fight about today. There is a secret casting a magnificent shadow. Martee murmurs the spell for happily-ever-after, yet prepares to have her heart broken.


magnificent shadows

grabbing circling releasing

tangled in hurt and happiness

Goddess Perfume

Only magnificent lights cast magnificent shadows. Martee knew what strengths were in the shadows cast by her capacity to love. Friday, late morning Sun rising high. She felt let down again by the most recent man, and continued to yearn for the Sky God's collection of subterranean treasures. Martee's heart had reached a final place of resolve in her grieving. She needed to find a solution, even if it would break her heart to lose someone else close in making the change. Something just had to give...

Banelle regarded him with her eyes upon him for a long time while her hands moved nearly automatically, grabbing, circling, releasing, plunging like a favorite sunny memory into the warm soapy water, grasping and lifting, working the cotton wash cloth in circles. Turn, massage again in circles, move the plate to the other sink bowl. The remembering was soothing, and the Sun outside combined with the tinted glass of her kitchen's window likely meant he could not see her.

He hadn't looked toward her house at all...

Dollar wondered if the doorbell even worked. Should he knock?

He appreciated the solidly mortared pink-hued brick of the home, liked the color. The generous shady cedar canopy subtly teased the nose and likely explained why there was no glass weather door protecting the heavy, mellow-finished oak door, keeping Sun and rain away from the doorstep.

He did not like the cement he stood on though, the falsity of the material, he would have used stone for his dream home. He noted again the soon-blooming rose bushes along the walls of the front of the house needed trimming, fertilizing, a box of ladybugs added, and the lawn was improperly mowed, stressing the grass. He decided to knock loudly.

He heard a muted shriek, then heard the doorknob spin and rattle...

The Secret of Chocolate (Series). A preternatural Author (Maurllan) thins the Fourth Wall so Readers and Cast can interact. With the spell in motion, though, he realizes Cast and Readers also engage directly with him. Complicating matters further, an up-and-coming Author finds herself caught in his storytelling, while an Editor-in-Chief refuses to edit herself out of the series. The multi-thread tug-of-war over story genre and gender dominance threatens to disrupt the World Canvas, and limiting new Readers is only a short-term solution.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798886190069
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Stunned Publishing
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 428
Language: English