The Angels Were Amazed (Paperback)

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The Angels Were Amazed (Paperback)


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Human history has had many mysterious episodes for which there is no easy explanation. Why did the magi decide to take a long and dangerous journey, all the way from Persia to Jerusalem, to bring gifts to a supposed future king? What about the Chi-Rho sign in the sky that encouraged Constantine's soldiers to fight the army of Maxentius and win a great victory in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, which led to the recognition of Christianity in the Roman Empire? Why did Atilla give up on his march to Rome at a time when he had military supremacy in Italy? Why did the Mongols, poised to conquer the whole of Europe, suddenly stop and go back home? Why did the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI, decide to stay and die in the city when the fall of Constantinople was imminent?

God's hand appears in all these episodes. He is sending His angels, who take on human appearance and make the light and barely noticeable push that changes the direction of history. In dealing with humans, they do not use supernatural powers, only their wisdom and skills. God's grandiose plans for humanity, beyond their immediate comprehension, are gradually revealed to them. They act as God's ministering spirits, in constant contemplation of God's wonderful creation and His love for mankind.

While interesting and engaging, the stories in this book follow a common thread and convey deep truths about God and men.

Product Details ISBN: 9798890439703
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Publication Date: December 4th, 2023
Pages: 250
Language: English