Ministers' Wives: A Christian Fiction Novel (Paperback)

Ministers' Wives: A Christian Fiction Novel By Lisa Blakely Cover Image

Ministers' Wives: A Christian Fiction Novel (Paperback)


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Nicolette has just accepted a marriage proposal from the love of her life, Minister Jeremy Jeffers. The sparkle of the ring, the butter ies in the stomach, the rat a tat tat of her beating heart had her whole being infused with joy. This was the happiest day of her entire life; at least, for an hour. After Jeremy left, she suddenly began worrying if she could actually be a minister's wife. Ministers' wives had to be perfect, didn't they And how many stories had she heard of unfaithful husbands and how female congregants would throw themselves at them? Would she ever see him, or would he always be at the church? Could she actually live in a world where all of her actions were under a microscope? Nicolette became a quivering mess as the adrenaline of excitement vanished and instead, panic gripped her heart. She needed answers. Where could she get them? Whom could she call? Then she remembered: ministers' wives from multiple area churches had a monthly all-day conference. Her understanding was that it was more of a support group for the unique issues of women married to ministers. Nicolette had to go to that meeting, but could she go before getting married?

After much pondering, stressing and pacing the floor, Nicolette called host church of the women's conference and innocently inquired where and what time conference would be without revealing her name. Church secretary willingly gave her the information, assuming if she knew of the group, she must be a minister's wife from one of the other churches. Nicolette determined then and there, she would be there, but she would sit in the shadows and listen for an hour or so to determine if she could handle the position. Nicolette sneaked in and sat behind a curtain separating her from the main area where the women were gathering. She prepared to just get a general idea and then she would have answers. Nicolette had no idea that what she was about to hear would infuse her with confusion, encouragement, shock, compassion and ultimately, her own answer about her upcoming union with her darling fianc e.

Join Nicolette in her covert journey through the private, untold lives of today's modern-day wives of ministers.

Product Details ISBN: 9798890740069
Publisher: Lisa Blakely
Publication Date: July 17th, 2023
Pages: 220
Language: English