The Volcano: My Life - Proof of God's Existence? (Hardcover)

The Volcano: My Life - Proof of God's Existence? By Adam Wray Cover Image

The Volcano: My Life - Proof of God's Existence? (Hardcover)


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Burn this book Human eyes are unprepared for the words describing the events which took place in this man's life.

Give heed to how Ray Adams (Adam Wray) conquered childhood depression after surviving an early suicide attempt. An unimaginable discovery firmly convinces him of God's presence. As we traverse the years together with Ray, we see his conviction challenged, and then strengthened. Vivid recollections are melded with inspiring moments of faith, heart-wrenching emotion, unapologetically unique blends of humor, and brutal honesty. Stories, theories, romance, and poems surface as he delineates the process leading him to eminence and sheer joy.

This autobiography takes a twist, as the author invites us on a journey that forms his life's volcano, through his own eyes, in real time. Is the introduction of a special and rare love the final puzzle piece in this man's pathway to God or will a "volcanic eruption" render him derailed?

The Volcano serves as a reminder to us all that regardless of our differences, we are intrinsically similar in how we're affected by our upbringing, our relationships, and our experiences. We stop short in attempting to diagnose Ray's afflictions, realizing we're attempting, actually, to diagnose our own. In the fullness of time, there are volcanoes in us all.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986377704
Publisher: Man of the Earth Publishing LLC
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2022
Pages: 292
Language: English