The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring The Connection Between Life, Death, and Beyond (Paperback)

The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring The Connection Between Life, Death, and Beyond By Nicole Strickland, Rachel Newhouse (Editor), Karen Anderson (Foreword by) Cover Image

The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring The Connection Between Life, Death, and Beyond (Paperback)


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What happens to us when we die? Does the human soul survive death? How can we communicate with loved ones in the spirit world? Are those residing beyond the veil in some faraway land or are they close by and within our reach? These are age-old questions permeating our collective consciousness. These queries not only entice humanity to understand the hereafter but also to connect with those dwelling within it.

We're in a time of transition where individuals are embracing the notion of life after death.

Each of the topics and stories presented in The Afterlife Chronicles, harmoniously unite as a gateway to the connective bridge between mortality and the afterlife. Crafted by highly respected afterlife and paranormal researcher Nicole Strickland, this heartfelt book reads like a love letter to the hereafter and provides the motivation, purpose, and know-how to further understand the profound relationship between both worlds.

In this book, you'll read about:

  • - Recognizing the signs of and reasons why the spirit world reaches out to the living and vice versa
  • - The afterlife according to various cultures
  • - The influence of the Spiritualist movement on modern-day spirit communication and paranormal research
  • - The role of intuition and mind/body/spirit in connecting with the afterlife
  • - Examining the profound connectedness between the living and spirit worlds
  • - Near-death experiences and the keys to understanding life after death
  • - Theories on the survival of human consciousness after death
  • - Common misconceptions of the afterlife
  • - Traditional and alternative methods to communicate with the spirit world
  • - The power of spirit guides in fostering the connection between mortality and the afterlife
  • - How moving through grief and loss can help you further connect with departed loved ones

Finally, the many contributors who opted to share their accounts and stories with the spirit world and beyond will further entice you to learn more about the deeply interwoven union between mortality and those across the veil on the other side.

Perhaps, you've had a heartfelt experience with a loved one in the afterlife and don't know where to turn. Look no further as The Afterlife Chronicles will encourage you to openly share your story and in turn, will motivate others to share theirs. Similar to a domino effect, more people will become aware of and learn more about the beautiful rapport between both worlds.

If you're curious about the enigmatic wonders of the afterlife, you'll be enchanted by The Afterlife Chronicles: Exploring the Connection between Life, Death, and Beyond.

Beyond, where physical death is not an end, but a beginning.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988065401
Publisher: Kayli Max Books
Publication Date: April 21st, 2023
Pages: 274
Language: English