Two Castles: A Chess Story for Toddlers (Hardcover)

Two Castles: A Chess Story for Toddlers By Garrett Gillin Cover Image

Two Castles: A Chess Story for Toddlers (Hardcover)


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Two Castles introduces toddlers to the magical world of chess

As a parent and chess enthusiast, I found myself in a unique spot. I wanted to share my love for chess with my daughter (Sofie), but let's be honest, explaining chess to a toddler isn't the easiest thing in the world. So, I made up a story that introduced her to the chess board in a fun and engaging way. And it worked like a charm In just a handful of times telling her the story, my daughter was able to set up the board on her own and we were off to actually learning the moves Happy to report that a year later, we were playing full games

After I saw how the story helped her get interested in the game and set the board up so quickly, I wanted to share it with you (my fellow chess loving parents) as a way to do the same with your little ones. I really hope you and your little one enjoy it

About the Book

This isn't a typical chess book; it's a charming story set in a whimsical kingdom. Here, castles (rooks), brave knights, noble bishops, a queen, a king, and their subjects (pawns) all come to life. Each page of this beautifully illustrated book helps toddlers become familiar with the names and placements of chess pieces, all while enjoying a short and captivating story.

Ideal for Ages 2-5

If you have a toddler aged 2-5 that you want to introduce to the game of chess, then this book is a perfect fit. It's designed to make learning the names and placement of chess pieces as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Why You'll Love It
  • It's Short & Sweet: Perfect for those little attention spans, the book is concise enough to keep your toddler engaged from start to finish.
  • It's a Story, Not a Lesson: Your little one won't even realize they're learning the game of chess. To them, this book is just a silly story about a kingdom with funny characters.
  • Quality Time: This book offers a unique way to bond with your child. Once you feel ready, your child could not only start reading along - calling out the names of the pieces - but even try using the story to set up a chess board in real life. You'll both have fun setting up your own "kingdoms" and getting ready for future chess adventures.

The Perfect Gift

Searching for a unique and educational gift? Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or a friend, this book is a hit with young minds eager to learn and explore.

Ready to introduce your little one to the world of chess in a way that's fun and stress-free? Give Two Castles a try

Product Details ISBN: 9798988343615
Publisher: Two Castles LLC
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 24
Language: English