When Work is Good: What it Means, Why it Drives Results, How You Can Build a Workplace People Love. (Paperback)

When Work is Good: What it Means, Why it Drives Results, How You Can Build a Workplace People Love. By Moe Carrick Cover Image

When Work is Good: What it Means, Why it Drives Results, How You Can Build a Workplace People Love. (Paperback)


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In a world where organizations strive for greatness, the people within them hold the key to success. Despite numerous studies, books, and training programs, leaders continue to struggle with unlocking the full potential of their workforce, resulting in low employee engagement, high turnover, burnout, and toxic cultures. It is evident that a transformation is needed to make work truly good for people.

Renowned author and consultant/coach Moe Carrick draws on her 35 years of experience both inside and outside organizations to present a refreshing and honest roadmap for leaders seeking to create a workplace fit for human life. When Work is Good begins with the acknowledgment that the global pandemic of 2020 reshaped the way we work forever. While we recognize the detrimental effects of toxic cultures and the importance of people-centered leadership, many organizations still cling to outdated managerial theories from the Industrial Revolution.

This book aims to illuminate the notion that work can be a positive force in people's lives. Carrick explores three core elements essential to building a workplace that fosters love and commitment: investing in leaders who prioritize the well-being of their employees, cultivating a conscious and brave culture, and empowering teams that genuinely care for each other. Moreover, she addresses the complexities of modern work environments, such as AI integration, remote and hybrid work models, and dynamic meta-economies.

When Work is Good offers practical and actionable solutions that benefit individuals and businesses, Carrick emphasizes the significance of creating a positive work environment and advocates for redefining success at work to include survival and thriving.

Divided into several parts, the book delves into critical aspects of cultivating a thriving workplace. Part I exposes the flaws in traditional workplace practices, while Part II introduces the concept of "bravespace" as a healthier alternative. Part III stresses the importance of investing in leaders who prioritize employee well-being, and Part IV outlines strategies for building a conscious and brave organizational culture. Part V focuses on nurturing teams that genuinely care for each other, and Part VI tackles the challenges of AI integration and profit-sharing.

Ultimately, When Work is Good envisions a future where organizations prioritize their workforce's growth, connection, and flourishing. Carrick advocates passionately for a human-centered approach, challenging the conventional notion of work as a machine-like process. The book caters to leaders across various sectors, particularly relevant to small to medium-sized organizations. Business owners, founders, entrepreneurs, as well as HR, OD, coaches, and consultants invested in organizational culture, leadership, structures, and teams will find valuable insights within these pages.

In this compelling exploration of creating thriving organizations for people, Carrick offers hope and guidance for a future where work is truly good. The book invites leaders to embrace a new era of human-centered work environments where individuals thrive, connections flourish, and organizations achieve unparalleled success.

Product Details ISBN: 9798988639008
Publisher: Moementum, Inc.
Publication Date: August 24th, 2023
Pages: 328
Language: English