The End of Israel: Dispatches from a Path to Catastrophe (Paperback)

The End of Israel: Dispatches from a Path to Catastrophe By Bradley Burston Cover Image

The End of Israel: Dispatches from a Path to Catastrophe (Paperback)


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"How are things here, you ask. Things here are past insane."

In The End of Israel, acclaimed journalist Bradley Burston's dispatches for Haaretz newspaper trace the deep roots of the horrific Israel-Hamas war, exploring how the country could have chosen a different path, and possible options for its future.

The columns detail the decline and sudden fall of a failed nation, which - even before the war erupted - had begun to question whether this year's Independence Day would be its last. An Israel where the delusional and the fanatic were sovereign. A land which, the biblical book of Numbers warns us, eats its inhabitants alive.

Praise for The End of Israel:

"Heschel wrote that the prophet's word is a scream in the night.

While the world is at ease and asleep, the prophet feels the blast

from Heaven.

"It's not just that Bradley Burston saw what only few others could

see, it's that he found the courage to share it-urgently, honestly,


"Burston has been a voice of moral clarity for decades. If only

more had listened... we might not be where we are today. And even

still, he wouldn't stand for us giving up hope-and so the struggle

goes on."

-Rabbi Sharon Brous

Author of the forthcoming The Amen Effect: Ancient Wisdom to

Mend Our Broken Hearts and World

"Bradley Burston has warned for years that Israeli Jews would

never be truly safe until Palestinians are free. Now Jewish safety and

Palestinian freedom look further away than ever.

"Still, his essays don't counsel despair. They model wisdom,

decency, and hope."

-Peter Beinart

Author, The Crisis of Zionism

"Bradley Burston is 'the kind of person who loves Israel and hates

occupation, ' in his own words about another Israeli. On every issue

Burston touches, his passion for Israel, its beauty and potential and

tragedy, bursts out of these pages.

"His writing reflects his fierce and intimate devotion to Israel,

alongside unflinching observations about what's going wrong, and

how it could be better.

"Burston's collected works represent an essential warning cry, a

fine and complex tableau, and a roadmap to a better Israel."

-Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin

Political scientist and author of The Crooked Timber of

Democracy in Israel (2023).

Product Details ISBN: 9798989134700
Publisher: Fryman Press
Publication Date: December 10th, 2023
Pages: 390
Language: English