P&P Live! Kirsten Powers — Saving Grace: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, and Learn to Coexist with People Who Drive You Nuts - with Eugene Scott

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 6:00pm

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For years, New York Times bestselling author Kirsten Powers has been center stage for many of our nation’s most searing political and cultural battles as a columnist, TV analyst, and one-time participant in the thunderdome of Twitter. On a good day, there will be civil disagreement. On a bad day, it’s all-out trench warfare—nothing but a cycle of outrage and self-righteousness. More and more, Powers finds herself wondering, along with countless Americans: How are we to cope with this non-stop madness?

Saving Grace offers a template for a different kind of America, one where we can engage with people who hold opposing views without sacrificing our values or our passionate beliefs in the causes we care about. It’s a culture that embraces repentance and repair, a process through which those who have caused harm can take responsibility and work toward righting the wrongs in which they have participated. It’s a place where we’re empowered to see the possibility in other people, even people who are driving us nuts.

Powers is in conversation with Eugene Scott, a national political reporter on The Washington Post's breaking news team. He previously wrote about identity politics for The Fix and was host of The Next Four Years podcast available exclusively on Amazon Music. Scott was recently a fellow at the Georgetown University Institute of Politics. Prior to joining the Washington Post, Scott was a Washington correspondent at CNN Politics.

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