Here - Richard Mcguire

Let's say, to capture a place in time, an artist must put their pen down upon a page and draw that place. To then take this place so artfully rendered upon the page and push it through the barriers of time and place, to express the scope of the ages of character and emotion and moment, an artist must do something entirely different. Richard McGuire's HERE is a wizardly mix of visual experiment, narrative acrobatics, and an exhibition of the power of the comics medium to tell a story spanning hundreds of millions of years¬–and yet treats the moment of a lover's caress, a father's comforting words or the simple tragedies of our everyday lives with poetic weight and an elegant storyteller's timing. Witness the paced telling of a joke paired with forest scenes hundreds of years before, see the construction of the home and its destruction, see the scenes of domestic play, of water leaks and power outages, the eras decoration changing page to page, see a hunter's arrow, a bison, a bloodied wolf paired with a 19th century landscape painter picnicking with his loved one, set panel against panel.

Bound and wrapped together this is something hard to define: a book about nothing but a place, about everything within that space (and about all the things not in that space), over an unspecified scope of time, a narrative thread weaving in and out, the trails of which you will struggle to follow, and yet so easy it is to be led! Long in the making, Here is a tour de force of pioneering narrative art and absolutely one of the best books to be released this year.

Here (Pantheon Graphic Library) By Richard McGuire Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375406508
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Published: Pantheon - December 9th, 2014