Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel - Jules Feiffer

Jules Feiffer calls Kill My Mother (Liveright, $27.95) his “failed attempt” to emulate the adventure comics, madcap movies, and pulp novels he devoured as a kid growing up poor in New York. Whether meeting his own high standards or not, Feiffer has created one of the year’s most original graphic novels. Taking readers from Depression-era Bay City, making a short stop in Tinseltown, and coming to an explosive climax in the South Pacific, the novel tracks the travails of movie stars, fixers, private eyes, and producers who have questionable pasts and compromised presents. Feiffer’s eye for composition is strong, and his absorption of his influences makes for backgrounds that often fade into washed-out watercolors, and panels not so much drawn as painted like muted pools for his characters to dance upon. And boy, do they have the moves! Whether it’s a boxing match, a dance number, or even a job interview, Feiffer’s figures grow contorted and their faces expand and recede; be assured that these characters’ loyalties and morals are equally flexible. Personal vendettas may be the only constants here, but stay tuned: Kill My Mother is the first part of a trilogy.

Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel By Jules Feiffer Cover Image
ISBN: 9780871403148
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Published: Liveright - August 25th, 2014

Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel By Jules Feiffer Cover Image
ISBN: 9781631491061
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Published: Liveright - October 26th, 2015