Rose Elliot's New Complete Vegetarian

Can you satisfy your vegetarian nephew and your son’s vegan girlfriend at a holiday meal? Can latkes be made without eggs? Is there such a thing as a fancy and delicious vegetarian entrée? Rose Elliot, Britain’s queen of vegetarian cooking, says “yes” and she’s here to show you how. With more than 1,000 mouthwatering and satisfying recipes, ROSE ELLIOT’S NEW COMPLETE VEGETARIAN (Sterling, $30) is not just for herbivores. Covering everything from soups, beans, and breads to drinks and desserts, Elliot’s dishes are simple yet exquisite, and eschewing soy and tofu for legumes and veggies. There’s a recipe here for everyone to love (my personal favorite: eggplant fritters with tomato sauce). Vegan and easy-to-freeze dishes are readily marked. Make room at the dinner table: vegetarianism has gone scrumptiously mainstream.