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A prolific novelist, Millet has worked at the NRDC and the Center for Biological Diversity, so the dystopian element of her fiction—massive storms, dengue fever, food shortages, and another round of storms--has more than the average ring of truth. But the climatic drama is only one part of this rich, multi-layered story. Narrated by Evie, a sharp, frustrated, and endearing seventeen-year-old, the book is the younger generation’s indictment of the older one; to Evie, as to countless teens before her—though seldom with stakes as high as they are in the Anthropocene--the parents are “a cautionary tale.” Writing them off, Evie devotes herself to her younger brother, and the bond between her and Jack perhaps serves as a model for nurturing relationships of the future, as does Jack’s determination to save animals. A nine-year-old Noah, he’s also something of a prophet, and in his reading of an illustrated bible, god means nature, Christ means science, and, as Evie speculates, the holy spirit is the human capacity for creation. Given the magnitude of the problems Millet lays out, she doesn’t quite say that art will save us, but she ends this thought-provoking, buoyant novel on the hopeful note that life, if not humans, will go on.

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ISBN: 9781324005032
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Published: W. W. Norton & Company - May 12th, 2020

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What happens when your savior isn't enough? How do you protect your family? Through visceral and vibrant prose, Kawai Strong Washburn unfolds a beautiful and heartbreaking family drama. The Flores family has been followed by the shades of the old Hawai'ian gods, but the crushing realities of poverty, racism, and sexism bend them to a breaking point. When tragedy strikes, the family will have to pull. With tight storytelling and evocative lyricism, this is an incredible debut from an exciting new voice of American literature.

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ISBN: 9780374272081
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Published: MCD - March 3rd, 2020

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Prescott’s favorite writer is Kafka, so any echo of The Trial or The Castle in his title is likely deliberate, as is the plot's philisophical blend of the mundane and the surreal. Never breaking its low-key, reflective tone, the novel is narrated by an unnamed writer researching a book about the disappearing towns of New South Wales, Australia. The one he finds himself (or perhaps loses himself) in seems more simulacrum than town—its buses go nowhere and no one rides them, houses are there for “display,” people spend their days roaming stores without wanting anything.  Then mysterious holes start popping up and replace chunks of the town with a strange, mirror-like blankness. Despite this ominous development, the townspeople carry on much as usual, leading lives with few hopes or expectations. As the narrator ponders what it might mean if this is the end of the world, Prescott captures something chillingly true about today, where we cling to business as usual even as the climate crisis grows more dire by the day—almost as if we don’t really have anything to lose.

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ISBN: 9780374278526
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Published: Farrar, Straus and Giroux - February 4th, 2020