Our Wives under the Sea, by Julia Armfield

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Armfield’s first novel is a haunting story of grief and mystery set in the aftermath of a deep-sea exploration gone awry and recounted in the alternating voices of Leah, who was trapped in a submarine with little hope of resurfacing, and her wife, Miri, who loses her partner twice over, as the Leah who eventually returns is not the same one who left her six harrowing months before. Armfield’s lyrical prose deftly evokes the vastness of the sea and the claustrophobia of both the submarine and the women's suffering, especially the specific shock of suddenly finding your beloved a stranger.



Our Wives Under the Sea: A Novel By Julia Armfield Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250229892
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Published: Flatiron Books - July 12th, 2022

Jawbone, by Mónica Ojeda

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Fear, desire, and teenage hormones run amok in Ojeda's unsettling debut novel. The author grapples with the terrors of adolescence and burgeoning womanhood through the experiences of Fernanda, Anneliese, and their friends, who create a world of their own in an abandoned building where they challenge each other to dares. Begun in an effort to gain control of the changes in this turbulent time of life, this imagined world--in service to a made-up White God--seems more and more real as it grows increasingly rife with horror and violence--a madness that turns to cruelty and pushes the girls' teacher to the brink of sanity. There are consequences, of course, but as Anneliese says, “It’s only fun if it’s dangerous.”  

Jawbone By Mónica Ojeda, Sarah Booker (Translator) Cover Image
By Mónica Ojeda, Sarah Booker (Translator)
ISBN: 9781566896214
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Published: Coffee House Press - February 8th, 2022