Pirate King (Bantam, $25) is Laurie R. King’s eleventh mystery deploying the team of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and King’s own invention, Mary Russell. In this episode, Russell recalls the case that put her on the movie set of a remake of The Pirates of Penzance—and which featured real pirates. Russell spars with Holmes, busy with his own doings, from afar, and King uses her trademark whimsy and wit to tease the filmmaking and theatrical worlds.   Pirate King will not only lift you out of winter doldrums and onto the open seas of mayhem, it will make you smile as you reach for more of King’s work.

Fans of experimental literary thrillers will devour S.J. Watson’s chilling debut Before I Go to Sleep (HarperCollins, $25.99). Narrator Christine suffers from a debilitating form of amnesia: she can retain new memories during the day, but everything vanishes while she sleeps. Totally dependent on her husband to fill in the gaps, she must relearn her identity each time she wakes. Recovery seems hopeless—until an energetic young doctor urges Christine to keep a secret daily journal and phones her every morning to remind her where she’s hidden it. Watson, an audiologist, penned the novel (told through Christine’s journal entries) between all-night shifts at a London hospital, and the result is a heady combination of cutting-edge memory theory and breathless, old-fashioned suspense.

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ISBN: 9780062060556
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Published: Harper - June 14th, 2011

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In 1940, Greece is on edge as countries around it fall to the Axis powers. Special Officer Costa Zannis, stationed in the port city of Salonika, becomes tangled in the affairs of diplomats, spies, soldiers, and dissidents as he realizes what will happen if the Nazis achieve their plans. In Spies Of The Balkans (Random House, $15) Alan Furst creates moving characters caught in a moment where inaction is surrender and moral decisions have deadly outcomes.

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ISBN: 9780812977387
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Published: Random House Trade Paperbacks - June 14th, 2011