Stories from the Billabong - James Vance Marshall and Francis Firebrace

Long, long ago, the Aboriginal people of Australia told stories that explained the origins of the natural world, such as how the earth began, how the kangaroo got her pouch, and why the platypus is such a special creature. The stories were told by word of mouth, generation after generation. These Stories From The Billabong (Frances Lincoln, $19.95) have been collected and retold by James Vance Marshall, who prefaces each story with interesting background information. Aboriginal artist Francis Firebrace’s illustrations are full of Aboriginal symbols, whose meanings readers can decipher using the guide at the back of the book. Ages 5 up.
Stories from the Billabong By James Vance Marshall, Francis Firebrace (Illustrator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781847801241
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Published: Frances Lincoln Children's Books - August 24th, 2010

Erika-San - Allen Say

Even though she has never been there, Erika loves Japan. As a child, she stared longingly at a Japanese print of a small teahouse that hung in her grandmother’s house. After college, Erika moves to Japan and quickly makes her way to a remote island where she becomes a sensei (teacher). With the help of her fellow teacher, Aki-san, Erika sets out to find the teahouse in her grandmother’s painting, hoping to become Erika-San (Houghton Mifflin, $17). Writer and illustrator Allen Say’s vivid paintings of Japanese houses, clothing, and landscapes will make you long to visit Japan yourself. Ages 4-7.
Erika-San By Allen Say Cover Image
ISBN: 9780618889334
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Published: Clarion Books - January 26th, 2009

Which Puppy? -Kate Feiffer and Jules Feiffer

The Obamas are looking for a puppy, and every animal in the animal kingdom is abuzz. Guinea pigs, kittens, even turtles are convinced they can be puppies and that a White House life is their destiny. Oh, how to chose Which Puppy? (Paula Wiseman, $16.99). There is a solution, and Kate and Jules Feiffer have imagined perfect companions for Bo. Ages 4-7.
Which Puppy? By Kate Feiffer, Jules Feiffer (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Kate Feiffer, Jules Feiffer (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781416991472
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Published: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books - April 7th, 2009