Planning an event with books?

Whether you're planning a party for a friend whose book has just been published or your organization is hosting a speaker we'll be happy to lend a hand.

(Please note, inquiries about scheduling author events at the store should be directed to

Ready for more information? Here are some options for how to sell books at your event!

Staffed Book Sales
Politics and Prose provides both the books and bookseller(s) for the event. In order to cover the costs of staffing, we ask that a minimum number of book sales be guaranteed. For more information and a quote on the minimum guarantee, please contact Kate Shawcross at (202) 349-9811 or

Do-it-Yourself Book Sales
Politics and Prose provides the books and the host of the event arranges for their sale. This option has no minimum book sales requirement and we can almost always provide the books at a discount. To get more information about a “Self-Sell” event, please contact Kate Shawcross at (202) 349-9811 or

Books as Gifts for Your Guest
If you'd like to offer the books as gifts for your guests and plan to order 25 or more copies, we can help. In most cases with direct purchase, the books can be shipped directly to your location and we can offer a discount. The books are, however, non-returnable. Please fill out this form as completely as possible or email the requested information to

Corporate Event Planning
We can plan an author event designed specifically for your organization. Let our experienced staff handle the research and provide recommendations customized for your situation. Please email for more information.

Renting Space at Politics and Prose
To inquire about renting space in The Den Coffeehouse, please send an inquiry to For more information, click here.