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Funny, heart-breaking, and eerily relevant to our national discourse, our narrator, K., finds himself adrift after the death of his wife. This widower’s anguish results in him taking comfort solely in facts. K. resolves to learn as much as possible and ditches the cumbersome emotions that get in the way. Blessed with this knowledge, yet cursed with the inability to restrain himself, K. becomes a reality television star picking politically incorrect fights across the country. Reviled and used by both sides of the spectrum, K. confronts the emotions that cloud, yet also illuminate, our lives.

The One-Eyed Man Cover Image
ISBN: 9780670025350
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Published: Viking - March 7th, 2017

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This is a fascinating exploration of Hemingway's unique role in global espionage. Hemingway, known as much for his lifestyle as his literature, fought on the front lines of the Spanish Civil War and World War II, visited Communists in China, and fended off U-Boats in the Caribbean. A rabid anti-fascist, Hemingway was recruited by both the KGB and the CIA, and this struggle led to the writer’s block and disillusionment that ultimately caused his demise. Drawing on newly declassified information, Reynolds paints Hemingway as a “gifted, but overconfident amateur” in the world of espionage who nevertheless found his way to the front lines of history.

Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Ernest Hemingway's Secret Adventures, 1935-1961 Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062440136
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Published: William Morrow - March 14th, 2017

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Celine, an elderly and wealthy socialite, and only working pro-bono, is not your typical private detective. She and her husband are on a case to find a woman’s father who was supposedly killed by a grizzly in Yellowstone twenty years prior. Driving an RV through the gorgeous, evocative landscape, Celine retraces her own childhood and paternal abandonment, while also stirring up secrets in the case that do not want to be found. Read this book for Celine: spunky, sincere, and earnest, she is also strong, bold, and an expert markswoman. Even while facing retirement and health problems, she is still fighting for the downtrodden.

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ISBN: 9780451493897
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Published: Knopf - March 7th, 2017