Almost Astronauts - Tanya Lee Stone and Margaret A. Weitekamp

In 1961, the Mercury 13 women were trained and fully qualified to be astronauts. But they ended up Almost Astronauts (Candlewick, $24.99 hb, $17.99 pb) because NASA and other federal agencies fought to keep women and minorities out of the space program. Archival photographs and interviews with the original thirteen female astronauts are included in Tanya Lee Stone’s story of these pioneers: women who paved the way for women pilots and astronauts decades later. Ages 10-14.
Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream By Tanya Lee Stone, Margaret A. Weitekamp (Foreword by) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780763645021
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Published: Candlewick - February 24th, 2009

How to Scratch a Wombat - Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

Jackie French, author of the fictional Diary of a Wombat, distilled thirty years of good-humored observations into a seminal work of nonfiction, How To Scratch A Wombat (Clarion, $16). French writes about the science and the wonder of wombats. She is convinced of the wombat’s superiority over humans: for example, which species can scratch its ear with a foot or produce 100 droppings in a night to mark territory? Bruce Whatley’s illustrations are delightful and informative. Don’t miss the one on page 37 showing a wombat’s three favorite scratching positions. Ages 8-12.
How to Scratch a Wombat: Where to Find It . . . What to Feed It . . . Why It Sleeps All Day By Jackie French, Bruce Whatley (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jackie French, Bruce Whatley (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780618868643
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Published: Clarion Books - February 16th, 2009

What Darwin Saw - Rosalyn Schanzer

Join Darwin as he makes a Tahitian meal, watches six men who try to lift a turtle so big they can’t get it off the ground, and as he feels the aftermath of an earthquake 400 miles away. Author Rosalyn Schanzer’s new book depicts What Darwin Saw (National Geographic, $17.95) as he journeyed around the world in the 1830s. This book is brimming with information including excerpts from Darwin’s own notebook and many drawings to show species and places from his travels. Ages 7 to 12.
What Darwin Saw: The Journey That Changed the World By Rosalyn Schanzer Cover Image
ISBN: 9781426303968
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Published: National Geographic Kids - January 13th, 2009