Mine!, by Michael A. Heller and James Salzman

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Michael Heller teaches property law at Columbia University. Jim Salzman is a leading environmental theorist and teaches environmental law at UCLA. Together, they’ve tackled the concept of ownership, which is not as straightforward as it might seem. Who, for instance, has rights to the space around someone’s seat on an airplane? Who owns the password to an online account? Why does a chair in the street that’s been put there to hold a parking space work in, say, Chicago, but in New York, both the space and the chair would be gone? Why can people sell their blood plasma but not their kidneys? These are just a few of the many situations and puzzles addressed in this intriguing, informative book.

Mine!: How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives By Michael A. Heller, James Salzman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385544726
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Published: Doubleday - March 2nd, 2021

Think Again, by Adam Grant

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Prof. Adam Grant, popular for his writings and talks on organizational psychology, makes a persuasive case in this book for rethinking, unlearning, and generally just keeping an open mind to avoid being bound by outmoded and counterproductive views. Weaving research with entertaining anecdotes, Grant describes how people can update their own assumptions and opinions, how they can open the minds of others, and how communities of lifelong learners can be created. It’s all very compelling and thought-provoking—and quite timely, too, given that the pandemic for months now has prompted many of us to rethink a lot about how we work and live.

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know By Adam Grant Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984878106
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Published: Viking - February 2nd, 2021

Disney's Land, by Richard Snow

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Ah, Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on Earth—but at what cost? No price is too high for Walt, who was warned and begged not to build an amusement park in an era lousy with lousy amusement parks. Along with millions of annual attendees, I am glad that Walt persevered. If you’re an ear head too, then this is the book for you. It all started with crippling debt… I mean—a mouse.

Disney's Land: Walt Disney and the Invention of the Amusement Park That Changed the World By Richard Snow Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501190803
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Published: Scribner - December 3rd, 2019