The Man Who Never Was - Ewen Montagu

“Operation Mincemeat” was an audacious mission that changed the outcome of the war. In order to feed disinformation regarding troop movements to the Axis, Montagu's team arranged for the body of an Allied marine officer wash up on a Spanish beach with false documents. We are swept along as the team finds the perfect body, calculates where to drop it in the ocean so that it will wash up in the right place, clothes it so it would appear to have been in a boat crash, and most importantly, plants an attaché case with seemingly authentic, but strategically misleading, documents. Montagu's spare prose is riveting. This is a true story that is all the more suspenseful because of its historical accuracy. He is modest about the operation, but this was no small Allied military success; it was an instance where ingenuity, daring and sheer luck—not bombs and fire power—were of great aid to the war effort.

Defending Jacob - William Landay

Andy Barber is the top Assistant District Attorney in a quiet leafy suburb of Boston. When a boy is found dead in a park near Andy's home he springs into action, taking on the sure-to-be high-profile case. But then Andy's own son, Jacob, is implicated in the murder. Is he capable of killing a classmate? The lives of the Barber family, past, present, and future are put into jeopardy when the investigation focuses on Jacob. With gripping episodes of testimony and narration from Andy's perspective, Defending Jacob is a page turner, equal parts family and courtroom drama, of the highest degree.

Defending Jacob: A Novel By William Landay Cover Image
ISBN: 9780385344227
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Published: Delacorte Press - January 31st, 2012

Defending Jacob: A Novel By William Landay Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345533661
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Published: Bantam - September 3rd, 2013

The Fallback Plan - Leigh Stein

Leigh Stein's The Fallback Plan tells the story of Esther Kohler's post graduation summer at home. She has no plans and is hoping for an illness to help pass the time (nothing disfiguring, please). Esther takes a job as a babysitter for the daughter of a couple who recently lost an infant, pursues a crush who is less than a worthy catch, and writes (in her head at least) a screenplay about a Jewish panda traveling to a Narnia-esque land. It takes all of these experiences, chronicled by Stein with real wit and warmth, that help propel Esther, albeit grudgingly, into adulthood.