January 4, 2014

John Muller spoke about his book, Mark Twain in Washington, D.C., at Politics & Prose on Saturday, January 4, 2014.

When young Samuel Clemens first visited the nation's capital in 1854, both were rough around the edges and of dubious potential. Returning as Mark Twain in 1867, he brought his sharp eye and acerbic pen to the task of covering the capital for nearly a half-dozen newspapers. He fit in perfectly among the other hard-drinking and irreverent correspondents. His bohemian sojourn in Washington, D.C., has been largely overlooked, but his time in the capital city was catalytic to Twain's rise as America's foremost man of letters. Through original research unearthing never-before-seen material, author John Muller explores how Mark Twain's adventures as a capital correspondent proved to be a critical turning point in his career..

Mark Twain in Washington, D.C.:: The Adventures of a Capital Correspondent By John Muller, Bliss (Foreword by), Donald A. Ritchie (Foreword by) Cover Image
By John Muller, Bliss (Foreword by), Donald A. Ritchie (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781609499648
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Published: History Press - October 29th, 2013


November 12, 2013

Ann Patchett spoke about her book, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, at Politics & Prose on Tuesday, November 12, 2013.

The New York Times bestselling author of State of Wonder, Run, and Bel Canto creates a resonant portrait of a life in this collection of writings on love, friendship, work, and art.

"The tricky thing about being a writer, or about being any kind of artist, is that in addition to making art you also have to make a living."

So begins This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, an examination of the things Ann Patchett is fully committed to--the art and craft of writing, the depths of friendship, an elderly dog, and one spectacular nun. Writing nonfiction, which started off as a means of keeping her insufficiently lucrative fiction afloat, evolved over time to be its own kind of art, the art of telling the truth as opposed to the art of making things up. Bringing her narrative gifts to bear on her own life, Patchett uses insight and compassion to turn very personal experiences into stories that will resonate with every reader.

These essays twine to create both a portrait of life and a philosophy of life. Obstacles that at first appear insurmountable--scaling a six-foot wall in order to join the Los Angeles Police Department, opening an independent bookstore, and sitting down to write a novel--are eventually mastered with quiet tenacity and a sheer force of will. The actual happy marriage, which was the one thing she felt she wasn't capable of, ultimately proves to be a metaphor as well as a fact: Patchett has devoted her life to the people and ideals she loves the most.

An irresistible blend of literature and memoir, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage is a unique examination of the heart, mind, and soul of one of our most revered and gifted writers.

This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage: A Reese's Book Club Pick By Ann Patchett Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062236685
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Published: Harper Perennial - October 7th, 2014


November 9, 2013

Jerry Parr and Carolyn Parr spoke about their book, In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan's Life, at Politics & Prose on Saturday, November 9, 2013.

Parr was the lead agent on the scene when John Hinckley shot Reagan, and he has been credited with saving the president’s life. This is only one of the stories the retired secret service man has to tell, and his memoir puts this suspenseful episode into a context of extensive travel, meticulous advance work, and family stress—as well as the deeper rewards of doing an important job well.

In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan's Life By Jerry Parr, Carolyn Parr Cover Image
ISBN: 9781414378718
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Published: Tyndale House Publishers - October 1st, 2013