Tin Man - Sarah Winman

Staff Pick

Saying I loved this book would almost feel like an understatement. The minute I started reading it I got pulled in and couldn't stop until I was done. With beautiful prose, Sarah Winman tells a warm and utterly heart-breaking story. Ellis and Michael are connected, seemingly by fate, at the moment in their lives when they both lose their mothers and need to feel connected to someone. And the connection they make is the one that lasts a lifetime, the one that gets them through, and can't be broken even with the years they spend apart not knowing what the other is doing. Told from both Elli's and Michael's perspective, Tin Man is a story of loss, pain, secrets and shattering loneliness. But above all it’s a story of love and friendship, the need we all feel, to be connected and to belong.

Tin Man: A Novel By Sarah Winman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780735218727
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Published: G.P. Putnam's Sons - May 15th, 2018

Adjustment Day - Chuck Palahniuk

Staff Pick

Four years after his last novel, Chuck Palahniuk is back with the story that will almost make you dizzy trying to keep up with the characters, the plot and the similarities with the world we live in. Apparently, there are too many male millennials in the world and if they’re healthy and well educated, they will demand respect and power. And we can’t have that, can we? So, the governments of different countries agree upon a war that would help with that problem, obliterating most them. But, on the other hand there’s a mysterious black - blue book passed to the chosen ones who will rise and bring the change. Adjustment day is coming, and anything can happen.

Adjustment Day: A Novel By Chuck Palahniuk Cover Image
ISBN: 9780393652598
Availability: Special Order—Subject to Availability
Published: W. W. Norton & Company - May 1st, 2018

The Only Story - Julian Barnes

Staff Pick

In his new novel The Only Story Julian Barnes maintains that most of us have just one story that matters, only one worth telling. What is yours? Have you experienced it yet, and if so, were you aware at the time. Do you remember it from time to time, after years have passed? Do you smile, or does it fill you with overwhelming sadness? And if you remember it, can you really trust memory? You don’t choose, Barnes also says, who you love and how much you love them, because, then, it isn’t really love, is it? Paul, at least, wasn’t given that choice. One summer when he is a boy on the cusp of adulthood he falls in love with Susan, a married woman twice his age. His only story and memory of it marks his whole life. He wants to protect Susan from an abusive husband, take care of her and make her happy. But what if that is not enough? Can he save her from herself when things start to fall apart? And at what cost should he keep trying. How will he justify where he draws the line? Paul tells us his story as an adult, not sure at times if memory serves him right as he tries to answer these questions. I think I liked this book even before I read it and when I did, I loved it. The ease of the writing and the heaviness of what is written, immerses you, you don’t want to stop reading, but you do so, because you can’t help thinking of your own only story. 

The Only Story: A novel By Julian Barnes Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525521211
Availability: Special Order—Subject to Availability
Published: Knopf - April 17th, 2018